In-Person Vending

GlitchBerry is an aesthetic lifestyle goods store that embraces the dream of yesterday’s future, merging cute pastel aesthetics, retrowave vibes, and the downright strange.
My products appeal to nostalgia, broader pop-culture, and fandom without referencing specific IPs (with the exception of a few products I am retiring once they sell out)

Please note that while I have been selling online for years and have a few products in retail stores, I am just now breaking into fairs, art markets, and conventions. Thus, some booth photos below are staged in my house.

For conventions banning stickers, fanart, or something else - my display is modular and panels can be removed and replaced with ease. In this way, I'm able to exclude any elements I need to in order to remain compliant with convention regulations.

Broad categories of products I sell include stickers, acrylic charms and pins, enamel pins, stationery, and accessories such as scrunchies and compact mirrors. These items can be browsed using the site's navigation. I have also published an art zine called Ripe, as well as a creative motivation book called A Motion to Make.
While I sell apparel online, it is not something I currently am able to take with me to conventions. This might change in the future.

Past & Upcoming Events

  • Anime Crossroads 2024: March 1st-3rd
  • TekkoCon 2024: July 18th-21st
photo of a woman with dyed red hair and glasses

About the Artist

Hello, I'm the artist and owner of Glitchberry. I go by MadameBerry, and I'm a passionate designer who loves all things bold, bright, and surreal. I draw inspiration from playful vaporwave, Y2K, and spooky-sweet aesthetics. And of course, I have to mix my love of strawberries into my designs for a sweet twist.

Every design is hand-drawn by myself before being passed to my manufacturers for production. I stream my art live on Twitch and post videos to YouTube if you'd like to see the process behind my products.

You can find my personal social links here.