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Embracing the dream of yesterday's future.

GlitchBerry is a one-person art and apparel store created by MadameBerry, a passionate designer who loves all things bold, bright, and surreal. Drawing inspiration from playful vaporwave, Y2K, and spooky-sweet aesthetics, I create apparel and lifestyle goods that are as unique as the people who wear them. And of course, I have to mix my love of strawberries into my desings for a sweet twist.

Every design is hand-drawn by myself before being passed to my manufacturers for production. I stream my art on Twitch and post videos to Youtube if you'd like to see products as I make them! I value sustainability, so each item is either manufactured in low quantities or made to order to prevent exess waste, and when I can, I pack and ship my items using recyclable or compostable materials.

GlitchBerry is not just a brand, it's a community of people who embrace the unexpected and love to stand out in a sometimes glitchy world.

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stay weird
  • Berry-Chan

    An online avatar given a life of her own.
    Berry-Chan was MadameBerry's own avatar, her online representation. But after many years this avatar was given the name "Berry-Chan" by her loving community, and along with that came the spark of life.


    • Cozy games
    • Platform sneakers


    • Waking up early

    Favorite Merch:

    Head in the Clouds High-Top Sneakers 
  • Cassia

    This bubbly and fun-loving TV-Head hopes to restore the memories of a lost future. They come from a time of optimism and progress, and long to see those dreams renewed. Their screen changes to reflect their mood.


    • Blobjects
    • White Noise


    • Channel Surfers

    Vibes: Y2k
    Favorite Merch:

    Fwuit Gummy Acrylic Keychain 
  • Lilichi

    This spooky-sweet strawberry demon loves to cause a little mischief. She was accidentally summoned to our realm when a magic circle was infused with the wrong element, but she ended up liking it here enough to stay.


    • Dew on a chilly morning
    • Spooking unsuspecting humans


    • When people try to bite her tail

    Spooky Sweet

    Favorite Merch:

    Summoning Strawb Enamel Pin 
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