Understanding Wholesale Line Sheets - Template Included

Understanding Wholesale Line Sheets - Template Included

If you're looking to stock your products in retail stores, the wholesale line sheet is a crucial informational document to provide to potential stockists. Essentially serving as a structured product catalog, it provides a snapshot of your offerings in a visually appealing and organized manner. Here's a quick summary of how this document is used, and at the end you'll find a download link to a template I use for my own line sheet.

At its core, a wholesale line sheet presents vital details about your products, including SKUs, images, and pricing. This offers potential stockists a quick understanding of what you offer. The document can also incorporates essential information such as pricing structures, order quantities, and terms and conditions, facilitating quick and easy communication during the transaction.

When reaching out to potential stockists, introducing your brand through the wholesale line sheet is a key step. Begin by crafting a personalized and concise email introducing your brand and expressing your interest in collaboration. Attach the wholesale line sheet to provide a detailed overview of your product offerings. Ensure that your contact information is readily available in case they have questions or need further information. Sending the line sheet electronically, whether as a PDF or a shareable link, simplifies the process and allows for easy access and review.

Below you will find a template in both .pdf and .docx formats. Unfortunately the .docx file breaks when uploading to Google Docs, but I will update here when I am able to reformat it for Google Docs.

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