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Creative Productivity Workbook - A Motion to Make

Creative Productivity Workbook - A Motion to Make

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Learn how to hone your creative discipline and develop healthy working habits so you can start creating without the fear of suddenly wanting to quit.

Creativity is full of challenges. You may be scared to start because you’re worried about leaving a project unfinished when motivation runs out. Or afraid you don’t have what it takes, that your skills aren’t there yet or you don’t have the right equipment. And trust me, I hear you.

I’ve been there!

I spent two years working in a state of burnout in order to see my largest project, a game called Visual Out, through to completion. When motivation ran dry, I had to rely on my discipline to get me through. After going through that experience and finally releasing my game, I had to quit my career in order to solve my burnout. Jumping into something new after that was hard, but I learned healthier ways to manage my creative energy and prevent burnout from happening again. I want to share that journey with you.

What’s Inside:

With eight chapters and ten worksheets going through the phases of creative work – from setting your goals, to developing the habit of consistency, to guiding you through the times when creating seems impossible – this workbook aims to help you find out what version of creative productivity works best for you.

A Motion to Make is full of the productivity systems that work for myself and other creators, and the strategies I use to avoid burning out again in the future.

Chapter One: It’s Up To You

  • Starting the cycle of motivation
  • Finding your version of creativity

Chapter Two: Cultivating Mindset

  • Creating a positive inner dialogue to promote productive behavior
  • Tapping into your creative wellspring

Chapter Three: Setting Goals

  • Identifying your goal and finding your “why”
  • Recognizing the obstacles preventing you from starting and how to work around them
  • Refining your goal to make it actionable and measurable

Chapter Four: Facing Fear

  • Identifying your fears and where they stem from
  • Taking steps to work through your fears and resolve problems

Chapter Five: Just Do It

  • Making the first step easy to jump into so you can start right now
  • Prevent overwhelm by determining your priorities
  • Creating a productive work environment and a “creativity ritual” to get into the right mindset

Chapter Six: Developing Habits

  • Recognizing your good and bad habits (and replacing the bad ones!)
  • Discovering systems for list keeping, time tracking, and project management

Chapter Seven: Keeping the Momentum

  • Dealing with setbacks along the way so they don’t stop you
  • Developing systems to keep you accountable for staying on track

Chapter Eight: When the Going Gets Tough

  • Recognizing your personal signs of burnout
  • Taking preventative measures so you don’t burn out in the first place
  • Dealing with an already-existing burnout
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